YPI CREW Looks Ahead to Seafarers Awareness Week 2017

As the leading recruitment agency in the yacht crew industry, YPI CREW endeavours to provide useful resources and up-to-date information to prospective candidates and employers.

Yacht Crew Quick Courses: Get a Better Job in 2017

As the summer yachting season gets underway in the Mediterranean, competition for jobs is hotting up within the yacht crew market. Captains are constantly competing for the best yacht crew in order to shape a capable team ahead of the season.

The Best Mediterranean Yachting Events for Crew in 2017

Each April, the Mediterranean comes to life with a full calendar of internationally renowned yachting events. From classic sailing regattas to vast superyacht shows, the events are varied, fun, and a great opportunity to network with crewmembers and Captains. If you're in search of a superyacht job in 2017, or you are looking for a reason to explore the Mediterranean while on leave, visit one of these yachting events and interact with the seafaring community.

Yacht Crew Jobs: A Day in the Life of a Deckhand

Whether on watch or on shore leave, yacht crew jobs on a luxury vessel never allow for a dull moment. Throughout the peak season, you’re guaranteed to be busy: occupied from the moment the sun rises until calmness descends with the strike of midnight (and possibly beyond!). Valuable time off will be spent exploring exotic locations, making lifelong friends, and wondering what’s next on the exhilarating itinerary. No two days are the same at sea – and nor would you want them to be, such is the thrill of what tomorrow may bring.

Fitness Instructors: Find Work on a Luxury Superyacht in 2017

Calling all fitness instructors, personal trainers and yoga instructors! Have you considered a career at sea? Did you know it is possible to gain a job on a luxury superyacht, sharing your skills, knowledge and experience with clients while travelling the world?

Captain Confident

It’s summer time in the Mediterranean, the yachting season is well under way and captains’ jobs are far and few between. Yet, bingo, you have secured an interview with a yacht owner. How do you best approach this meeting to ace the interview and get a job offer? How do you beat the competition? More than ever, marketing yourself efficiently is key in order to stand out from the crowd. The competition is fierce, so put yourself in the driving seat during the interview.

How to Become a Chief Engineer on a Yacht

The Chief Engineer on a yacht is responsible to the captain for the safe and efficient running of the vessel.

How To Gain Your Dream Job as a Yacht Stewardess

For great interview tips, watch our video "How to succeed in a job interview'. All our videos can also be found on the YPI Crew channel on YouTube.

How to Find Work After Getting Fired From a Senior Yacht Job

In 2006, the International Labour Organisation held the Maritime Labour Convention to set out seafarers' rights, as well as globally applicable working conditions to be upheld in maritime employment. Having said this, the yachting industry continues to see a high staff turnover, especially in comparison to other sectors.