YPI CREW Yacht Jobs – 5th July 2017

Antibes is the go-to destination for crew in search of a yacht job, and YPI CREW is the go-to agency in Antibes. With the Mediterranean season well underway, qualified crew candidates should waste no time in applying for suitable positions.


As the leading recruiter for superyacht jobs, YPI CREW consistently matches the best yacht crew candidates with the best yacht crew jobs. As crews make final preparations for the summer yachting season, there is still an opportunity to gain your dream job at sea.

YPI CREW YACHT JOBS – 11th May 2017

Many luxury yachts are now arriving in Mediterranean ports after lengthy trips from the Caribbean and beyond. The start of the Mediterranean yachting season offers a prime opportunity for prospective crew to find work on yachts of all sizes.

YPI CREW YACHT JOBS – 4th April 2017

YPI CREW is the industry leading recruiter for yacht crew jobs and has been a go-to authority since 2002. Based in Antibes, we help the most discerning Captains and Owners find the most suitable candidates for their superyacht jobs.


With the Mediterranean yachting season edging closer with each sunset, the attention of the yachting community turns towards readying vessels and crews for Mediterranean sailing and beyond. YPI CREW offers a diverse selection of fantastic yacht crew jobs in March. Read on to find out more.

YPI CREW YACHT JOBS – 7th February 2017

Working as part of a crew on board a luxury superyacht is an extremely rewarding experience, but it is not without challenges: while the earning potential is excellent, the travelling opportunities are limitless, and the social benefits are numerous, the hours can be long and the work can be tough.

YPI CREW YACHT JOBS – 17th January 2017

If the turn of the new year has you reconsidering you career options, YPI CREW is on hand to offer advice on the possibilities open to you in the yachting industry. Working on a luxury superyacht is an incredible experience for a variety of reasons.


Gaining a superyacht job is a life-defining experience. While the work may be challenging, there is no limitation to the advantages and benefits of working on a luxury superyacht: travel the world, experiencing new places and activities; save a good deal of money; and meet lifelong friends while doing a job you love.

YPI CREW YACHT JOBS – 7th November 2016

As an industry-leading recruiter, YPI CREW consistently presents a selection of exclusive yacht crew jobs, covering an array of positions. From deckhands to yacht Captains, and even land-based roles, we recruit for every yacht-related position, offering a high quality service every time.