10 superyacht facts you probably didn’t know about

Whether you are superyacht crew, a member of the superyacht industry or just a superyacht fan, we bet these are some of the facts about the industry you didn’t know about!


1. There are currently 5,396 superyachts over 30m / 98ft in length operating in the world

According to the SuperYacht Times’ The State of Yachting 2022’ report, as of the end of 2021, there were 5,396 yachts over 30m / 98ft in operation. In addition, there are also around 92 superyachts out of service, while about 202 superyachts have been completely lost since 1945.



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2. 95m / 312ft superyacht Kismet was used on set of a “Six Underground” Michael Bay movie featuring Ryan Renolds, Melanie Laurent and Dave Franco

Kismet has been filmed in the 2019 Michael Bay’s action movie ‘Six Underground’. Shooting in Taranto, Italy, the streaming company invested USD 150 million on the realisation of the action film, that starred Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona and Corey Hawkins.

A party scene with around eighty guests and several other scenes were shot on board. Some of the explosions were also actually shot on board Kismet. And, according to cinematographer Bojan Bazelli, the filmmakers needed to be extra-mindful during the shootout scenes not to damage the teak floors which they had to protect in case they burned down.



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3. The fastest superyacht in the world is M/Y Foners, reaching a thrilling 70.10 knots

The 41.5m / 136ft Foners has raced to the top spot as the world’s fastest superyacht, reaching the speed of astounding 70.10 knots. She’s been difficult to catch up with, having maintained her position for over 20 years since her delivery in 2000.

Her speed is produced by two 1,280hp MAN engines coupled with three Rolls Royce 6,700hp gas turbines that drive three KaMeWa water jets.



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4. Motor yachts make up 84% of the global fleet and sailing yachts make up 16%.

Even though the sailing yacht industry has recorded its best numbers since 2018, showing 70 projects in build, motor yachts continue to dominate the industry.

The popularity of motor yachts is contributed by them generally providing more comfort to the owner. Motor yachts tend to be more powerful and faster vessels, capable of covering greater distances in less time. They also enjoy greater deck space, which means more on-board facilities and more space to store a greater array of water-sports toys.



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5. Working on board a superyacht is more than just a career

Yachting is a career that, for its obvious perks, attracts many people. Travelling the world, earning great salary, working with state-of-the-art equipment, meeting incredible people and making lifelong friends are just some of the great things about yachting.

Unlike other careers though, yachting is an all-encompassing life adventure. Yacht crew generally live on board yachts full-time and go wherever the yacht goes. This means that one day you might be in Spain, the other day in France, and it could be a while before you can go back home to see your friends and family. It’s a unique lifestyle with lots of perks but not necessarily a great match for everyone. If you are a hardworking and adventurous individual though, it could be just what you’re looking for!



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6. To be able to keep the 22 tonnes of exterior glass that make Oceanico’s yacht DAR, German glass maker TILSE had to develop a special sealant and glue that had to be approved by Lloyd’s

The most obvious feature of the 90m / 295ft superyacht DAR is the seamless black glass that encloses the superstructure. Oceanco’s task was to enhance the views from inside while keeping the outside from looking in. Even with lights on, it is impossible to make out what is behind the glass from the outside.

To be able to keep the 22 tonnes of exterior glass, German glass maker TILSE had to develop a special sealant and glue that had to be approved by Lloyd’s.



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7. Clients from the United States own the largest share of superyachts over 40m / 130ft, owning 23% of the total world fleet

American buyers have had the largest share of superyachts over 40m in length at the end of 2021, with a share of 23%, followed by Russian owners with 9% of the fleet, and United Kingdom and Greece with 6% each. Turkey and Italy close out the list of top owning countries with 5% each.

Clients from the United States have purchased the most new-build yachts over 40 metres in the past 10 years, having acquired 18% of all of these yachts.



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8. At 107m / 350ft Black Pearl is one of the largest and most ecological sailing yachts in the world

Black Pearl is a yacht of superlatives. With her three 70m carbon masts she can set 2,900 square metres of sail on the world’s largest Dynarig system. The masts have a folding system that allows the yacht to pass safely through the Panama Canal.

According to her manufacturer, Oceanco, she can cross the Atlantic without burning even a later of fossil fuel. This is thanks to her innovative propulsion system that harvests kinetic energy under sail.

Under sail, the boat’s propellers turn backwards, generating up to 480kW of power for use and storage on board. This allows the boat to operate silently for extended periods.



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9. Explorer yachts are gaining popularity with its built segment growth of 33%

According to the Global Order Book published by BOAT International, there is a recorded 33% rise in expedition yacht build. Explorer yachts are built to be able to cruise in the most remote areas of the world, which allows the owners and guests to discover new regions.

Clients are curious. They want to explore, see and experience remote and unique regions of the world such as the Polar Areas, French Polynesia, Fiji, Galapagos, etc.



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10. German superyacht yard Lürssen is set out to build the first yacht without a combustion engine

In April 2021, Lürssen announced that it had sold its first yacht with hydrogen fuel cells fuelled by methanol. Delivery of the yacht is scheduled for 2025 and the technology will allow the owner to spend more than 15 nights at anchor or cruise of more than 1,000 nautical miles, both completely emissions-free.

“I think it’s a clear signal that owners who already invest substantial amounts in building yachts are willing to invest that extra bit of money to go and dare say make that quantum leap of furthering propulsion technology and power technology on a yacht and this will be a game-changer especially since it has a lot of practical use,” said Lürssen managing partner, Peter Lürssen.



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