4 Yacht Interview Tips from Laurence Lewis, President of YPI CREW

So, you've gone through the recruitment process and you've made it all the way to the yacht interview? Now it's time to seal the deal!  To help with that, Laurence Lewis, our President with years of recruitment experience under her belt, brings you 4 interview tips to use and remember.


1. Prepare an elevator pitch – everybody needs one, from junior crew to Captain. 

In a nutshell it’s a 30 seconds introduction, a snapshot of who you are, your experience, achievements and importantly your goals. It has to flow and be natural which implies you will have rehearsed it many times. It’s about making a strong first impression. It’s something you will say if asked the question “ tell me about yourself” or similar. The idea is you find a way to slot it early in the conversation and trust me, there is always a way, the ball is in your court.



2. Prepare for various types of interviews and get familiar with the STAR method.

That’s for questions such as “What do you do when …” or “give me an example of …” This is no time to ramble, you need to be sharp, here’s how:

Situation: Set the scene and give the necessary details of your example.
Task: Describe what your responsibility was in that situation.
Action: Explain exactly what steps you took to address it.
Result: Share what outcomes your actions achieved.



3. Position yourself as a problem solver, be the solution to the interviewer’s pain.

The key is to find which pain the interviewer needs to solve and to position yourself as the solution, as an adviser, a consultant. It takes some time to get it right, but it works!



4. If you are interested in the job, make sure you  say so at the end of the meeting.

You can also take it one step further and say “ if offered, I would accept”. At equal skill levels, the interviewer will offer the job to the candidate who clearly expresses interest. Interviewers worry about making the wrong decision, help them choose you; it’s so easy and very effective.



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