Captain Steve’s Creation: the eV-Twin Electric Motorbike

While it's true that yacht crew are exceptionally busy throughout the busy summer months, there is often a lull in activity throughout the winter period. One opportunistic Captain has spent this quiet period developing a gadget that transcends the ordinary: the eV-Twin Electric Motorbike.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries and a brushless DC motor, the eV-Twin is a modern take on a classic. The frame, although sporting some carbon-fiber additions, is taken from a classic BSA Bantam, giving the innovative, new motorcycle a vintage look. The eV-Twin Electric Motorbike was designed and built by Steve Smith – who is balancing his role as the Managing Director of the company with his yacht Captain job – in the engine room of a 43.8m luxury superyacht; it uses no fuel or oil whatsoever, meaning it was entirely safe to do so.

ev twin electric motorbike

Captain Steve developed the mode of transport with the yachting industry in mind, as well as many others. The eV-Twin is the perfect vehicle for running around town and exploring a new destination. The prototype model has an initial top speed of 80 km/h and a range of 80 km, but the mark 2 version of the bike is expected to enjoy a range of 100 km.

ev-twin electric motorbike

Commenting on his inspiration for the eV-Twin, Captain Steve said: “I wanted to create a modern alternative to the BSA Bantam. The original model is impossible to keep on board a yacht due to petrol storage and oil leaking onto the decks. The initial concept came from the need to find a suitable means of transport from my off-grid house in Costa Rica to get to the surf. It seemed wrong to be using solar panels for the house but driving a big V6 SUV to the beach. I thought that an electric motorcycle would be perfect for this application, as well as for use on board a yacht. Most of the electric motorcycles and scooters available on the market are pretty boring; I wanted something that would be as aesthetically pleasing as the early classic British motorcycles but without any of the drawbacks.”

ev-twin electric motorbike

The new electric motorbike has rapidly captured the attention of models Dewi Driegen and Gilles Souteyran, as well as Formula One drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and Johnny Herbert. Although the mark 2 version of the eV-Twin is not currently available to buy, it can be pre-ordered. For more information, contact the company directly.