How to Find A Caribbean Yacht Job

As the Monaco Yacht Show ends each year, soon follows the close of the Mediterranean cruising season with many yachts choosing to make their way across the Atlantic to the US East Coast for the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show (FLIBS) at the end of October, and on to the Caribbean for the winter cruising season.

When is the Caribbean Yachting Season?

The Caribbean yachting season runs from late November to May, although the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in early December is generally considered to be the official marker of the start of the Caribbean season. The majority of yachts will arrive in the Caribbean in the first few weeks of December, just time for the Christmas charter period, often using Antigua or St Maarten as their base for the season. The majority of yachts will then begin their crossings back to the Mediterranean in March or April to get ready for the summer cruising season, although some yachts may remain in the Caribbean as late as May.

This means that both October and April are a time of great change for the yachting industry. In October, many of the yachts that have been cruising the Mediterranean begin preparing to make the journey to the US East Coast for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) at the end of the month, and on to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean thereafter. This is, therefore, a key time for those seeking a Caribbean yacht job, as their captains typically begin to hire new crew here in the Med before setting sail. You can find opportunities for the Caribbean yachting season and beyond by keeping an eye on our yacht job vacancies page.

Strategies for Finding A Caribbean Yacht Job

If you’re a crew member or crew hopeful currently in the Med, September and October are the peak months to find a Caribbean yacht job for the season. What is your strategy? Are you doing your best to find a yacht to cross on, or are you planning to fly across to Fort Lauderdale to find work?

Without question, we believe that is always best for candidates already in the Med to start their job hunt there, as most yachts tend to crew up before setting sail for the US and Caribbean.

For the best chance of finding a yacht to cross with, join a yacht crew agency like ours, and follow their advice for finding work on a yacht. If it is looking like you might not be able to get seasonal employment before the yachts set sail, you might consider looking instead for a yacht delivery job, as this will give you valuable experience, sea time, and save you an airfare!

If you are not at all successful in finding a Caribbean yacht job in the Med, some crew are granted another chance to find work by flying ahead to Florida. It is however worth noting that many yachts based in Fort Lauderdale will be registered in the US (US flagged), so you will be unable to find work onboard unless you already hold a US passport.

How Can YPI CREW Help You Get a Yacht Job this Caribbean Season?

Here at YPI CREW, our super, superyacht recruiters know exactly which yachts are “crossing the pond’ for the Caribbean yachting season, and which are looking for crew. So, before you book that plane ticket, make sure you have spoken to us about all the current options available to you to find work, including yacht deliveries. We can also give you the low-down on the yacht qualifications and visas you’ll need to work in the Caribbean.

Already in the States or the Caribbean, or planning to fly there? YPI CREW has a global fleet of yachts on its books, so get in touch with us to find out what exciting opportunities we can offer you.