What is motivation and why is it so important to show it on your CV?

Here at YPI Crew we have witnessed an important growth in our candidate registrations over the past 18 months. New registrations have exploded and we have recorded a 12.6% increase from all sectors.

Captain Christina Jackson answers questions about gender equality in yachting

Captain Christina Jackson is a Master 3000gt yacht captain with over 23 years of experience in yachting. Her impressive and long-standing career has allowed her to witness and be a part of the changes in the industry paving a path for the new generation of skilled female deck crew.

Why is crew rotation beneficial for both the crew and the yacht?

Rotation or job share creates a dynamic of success; the yacht has double the experience for any given position, crew can exchange ideas, brainstorm and come up with new solutions and experiences for the owner.

Join CV Workshop with Karine Rayson and Louise Overend

We have teamed up with The Crew Coach, Karine Rayson, to organise a virtual CV Workshop for all the yacht crew that want their CV to shine! The entry fee is only 10€ and all the proceedings will be donated to yacht Stew Gemma's Fundraiser which is to raise £100,000 for medical treatment to Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.

3 things to consider when becoming an AV/IT Officer on board a yacht

The need for a dedicated AV/IT Officer (Audio Visual Information Technology) within the Engineering Department appeared as yachts became larger and had constant technology upgrades in order to provide the guests and owners with state-of-the-art entertainment.

How to Become A Yacht Purser: Interview with Purser Trainer Angela Wallace

Find out how to become a yacht purser, what qualifications would you need, what are the current trends and how much does a yacht purser make?

4 Yacht Interview Tips from Laurence Lewis, President of YPI CREW

So, you've gone through the recruitment process and you've made it all the way to the yacht interview? Now it's time to seal the deal!  To help with that, Laurence Lewis, our President with years of recruitment experience under her belt, brings you 4 interview tips to use and remember.

5 Service Styles Every Service Stew Should Know

Did you know that a Service is the most popular department to work in for Stews? Whether it’s to be in a position that rotates within Service, Housekeeping and Laundry, or a purely Service based role, on average over 90% of you want to be in Service.

2 Ways to Showcase Your Dishes on Your Yacht Chef CV

If you are a chef looking for work on a yacht, at one point you will find yourself being faced with the challenge of being asked to provide food photos as part of the recruitment process.