Ten Reasons to Work in the Yachting Industry

At YPI CREW our yacht crew agents are always on the lookout for exceptional personnel to work on luxury superyachts cruising the world.

Why Female Yacht Crew Members Should Shoot for the Moon

In an industry that is male-dominated, female yacht captains are still a rarity. But as more and more female yacht crew members continue to gain significant experience and rise in the rankings, the tide is beginning to turn. Look no further than the success of Captain Sandy Yawn to see what can be achieved! However, it still is not easy for female crew to break through that glass ceiling.

How to Find A Caribbean Yacht Job

As the Monaco Yacht Show ends each year, soon follows the close of the Mediterranean cruising season with many yachts choosing to make their way across the Atlantic to the US East Coast for the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show (FLIBS) at the end of October, and on to the Caribbean for the winter cruising season.

Hacks for Making Yacht Chef Jobs Easier

Does the idea of preparing and crafting meals on a luxury yacht sailing the open seas sound glamorous? While it can be an extremely fulfilling career, any yacht chef will tell you just how much hard work catering to people with refined tastes and high expectations can entail. Yacht chefs are intimately acquainted with confined spaces for long hours and away from home for months at a time. Of course, they also get to see some of the world’s most exotic places and make lifelong friendships. With that in mind, we’ve put together five tips to make life as a yacht chef easier.

Five hacks for Making Stew Superyacht Jobs Easier

Being a stew is one of the most important superyacht jobs when it comes to providing a 5-star experience for guests. Yacht stews are expected to keep the boat clean and tidy, do laundry, assist in inventory and supplies, arrange flowers and carry out other housekeeping duties, as well as helping with silver service and bartending duties. As rewarding as yacht stew jobs may be, they also involve long hours and plenty of responsibility. That’s why we’ve put together these five hacks to make your yacht stew duties easier.

How to Become a Chef on a Yacht

Yacht chef jobs on any luxury yacht are important and challenging. It is the responsibility of the dedicated yacht chef to deliver excellent dining experiences from morning to night. The chef onboard any luxury yacht plays an integral role in the daily running of the boat.

Top Tips for Improving Your Yacht Crew Salary

Renegotiating a yacht crew salary is something that every crew member will consider at some point. The hard thing is, the average salaries for crew jobs are very attractive, particularly when compared to on-shore careers. This high salary is justified by long hours, hard work, and the sacrifice of a social life and personal relationships back at home, but it is also one of the reasons why yacht crew salary negotiations can be tricky. However, just because the pay is high, it does not mean that your salary should not increase with your experience.

Superyacht Crew Best Christmas Holidays in the Sun

It’s not always fun to be away from family and friends during the holidays but there are some ways yacht crews can make their Christmas holidays in the sun more exciting and adventurous whether they are based in the Caribbean or the Med. Find out how.

YPI CREW at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018

As everyone knows, the Monaco Yacht Show is a phenomenal event, with some of the world’s most spectacular superyachts on display, as well as hundreds of exhibitors, from shipyards to brokers to crew agencies.