Fundraising for the Antibes Lifeboat Service

The Antibes Lifeboat Station is asking for your kind donations to help it reach its goal to purchase an inshore lifeboat. This faster, lightweight inshore rescue boat will be able to launch any time of the day, allowing it to respond to rescue calls quicker with as little as 3 crew members, saving time, money and lives.

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs September 2020

As September approaches, we have a fabulous selection of yacht jobs for both seasoned yachties and those seeking to establish a foothold in the yacht industry. Amongst our yacht jobs for September are positions for engineers, stews, captains, officers, and deckhands.

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs August 2020

The Mediterranean yacht season is in full swing as people seek to travel once again to the world’s most luxurious destinations. The team at YPI CREW is pleased to announce a flurry of exciting yacht job opportunities, many on yachts sized 25-50 metres in Europe.

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs July 2020

In the last few weeks we have seen the yacht job market continue to return to normality after the Covid-19 pandemic, with our recruiters welcoming more and more yacht jobs into the agency.

Why Female Yacht Crew Members Should Shoot for the Moon

In an industry that is male-dominated, female yacht captains are still a rarity. But as more and more female yacht crew members continue to gain significant experience and rise in the rankings, the tide is beginning to turn. Look no further than the success of Captain Sandy Yawn to see what can be achieved! However, it still is not easy for female crew to break through that glass ceiling.

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs June 2020

As we approach the traditional peak of the Mediterranean yachting season, we welcome news of a flood of new yacht jobs for our keen candidates after the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Luxury Yacht Industry Statistics Show Optimism For Summer Yacht Jobs

It’s no question that the COVID-19 outbreak has drastically affected the yacht industry, and YPI CREW has seen this first hand. The months of March, April and May have traditionally always been the busiest time for yacht recruitment. Looking at April 2020 compared to April 2019, yacht jobs and candidate placements have fallen by 80%. May is looking a lot more promising as jobs are coming in again, a sign that the market is starting to recover.

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs May 2020

In our May yacht jobs, captains are already searching for new crew members, so that they can be ready for the start of the season. This means that now is a great time to make sure your YPI CREW online profile is set up and up to date!

YPI CREW Yacht Jobs April 2020

The yachting industry has shown amazing strength and solidarity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And although there are currently fewer yacht job vacancies than previous months, we are confident that as soon as travel restrictions are lifted many more positions will open up.