YPI CREW Yacht Crew Jobs – March 2019

The latest yacht crew jobs from leading recruitment agency YPI CREW include a yacht Stewardess-Cook and Captain couple, Hairdressers and Masseuses.

Job Openings at YPI CREW

YPI CREW, the leading yacht crew recruitment agency,  is expanding in Antibes and we now are looking for two additional people to join our professional, friendly and established team around Mid-March / early April 2019. We are looking for a company receptionist and an administrative assistant for the recruiters

YPI CREW Annual Report 2018: Trends in Yacht Jobs

As a leading yacht crew agency, the recruitment data YPI CREW releases annually is an invaluable tool for understanding the state of yachting today and is a key resource for everyone involved in the industry.

YPI CREW Superyacht Crew Jobs – February 2019

While some parts of the world endure face-freezing conditions and gloomy weather prevails in much of Europe, some of you may be lucky enough to have superyacht crew jobs in warm climates or are perhaps preparing for the RORC Caribbean 600. If you’re not working in the sunshine or about to circumnavigate beautiful Caribbean islands, numerous events are lined up on land this month.

Top Tips for Improving Your Yacht Crew Salary

Renegotiating a yacht crew salary is something that every crew member will consider at some point. The hard thing is, the average salaries for crew jobs are very attractive, particularly when compared to on-shore careers. This high salary is justified by long hours, hard work, and the sacrifice of a social life and personal relationships back at home, but it is also one of the reasons why yacht crew salary negotiations can be tricky. However, just because the pay is high, it does not mean that your salary should not increase with your experience.

YPI CREW Superyacht Jobs – January 2019

A new year has begun and a multitude of new jobs on yachts await to take you onto new or well-loved waters.

Superyacht Crew Best Christmas Holidays in the Sun

It’s not always fun to be away from family and friends during the holidays but there are some ways yacht crews can make their Christmas holidays in the sun more exciting and adventurous whether they are based in the Caribbean or the Med. Find out how.

YPI CREW Jobs on Superyachts December 2018

The Caribbean yachting season is officially underway. The Antigua Charter Yacht Show has just finished and, once again, it was a wonderful way to kickstart the season.

The Schulte Group announces the acquisition of a majority stake in YPI CREW

The Schulte Group announces the acquisition through its Singaporean affiliate Schulte Maritime Services PTE Ltd of a majority stake in YPI CREW, the Antibes-based, world leading yacht crew recruitment agency.