Charter Chef’s Culinary Contest – Antigua Yacht Show

The 16th annual charter chef's culinary competition is about to take place at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. It is an opportunity for some of the world's best charter yacht chefs to showcase their culinary talents.

With the Caribbean yachting season about to commence, this week sees one of the most prestigious industry shows taking place in Antigua. The 54th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show will kickstart the season from 4th-10th December 2015 and is a fantastic opportunity to view over 100 luxury yachts on the picturesque island. However, it isn’t only a must-see event for charter brokers, but it’s also a great place for crew members to network and participate in contests.

antigua yacht show

One of the most popular scheduled events at the Yacht Show is the Chef’s Culinary Contest. This is the sixteenth year the event has taken place and it’s a vital component of the show because it allows charter yacht chefs to demonstrate their panache and creative flair. Every year there is a different theme for the contest: last year, participants were challenged to create the best “gluten-free” dishes. This year’s challenge is to create a traditional three course Christmas luncheon from anywhere in the world, but with a Caribbean twist. So perhaps the judges can expect sliced Turkey with sweet potatoes instead of roast potatoes, or Christmas pudding with rum and coconut rather than sherry. The only limit is the chef’s imagination.

Everyone in the yachting world knows that food is one of the most important things to get right because it’s the thing everyone remembers from their time on-board a charter yacht. The chef is responsible for cooking for both guests and crew, which is a big responsibility but also hugely rewarding. In fact, yacht chefs usually relish the challenge of having to create different meals on a daily basis rather than being tied to a fixed menu.Chef jobs are the only upper level position on-board that can be filled by a yachting novice; as long as they have adequate schooling or restaurant training and the right attitude, they can be successful in the kitchen, with little knowledge about superyachts.

YPI Crew, recruit on-board chefs. There is much more to being a chef on a yacht than just cooking: you will be expected to budget for provisions, create menus and prepare for last minute requests and odd eating hours. Of course, having knowledge of food safety, wine pairings, special diets and food allergies is also a necessity. However, the icing on the cake is a career as a yacht chef and occasionally having the chance to show off your creativity and culinary prowess in international competitions like the one in Antigua!