Fitness Instructors: Find Work on a Luxury Superyacht in 2017

Calling all fitness instructors, personal trainers and yoga instructors! Have you considered a career at sea? Did you know it is possible to gain a job on a luxury superyacht, sharing your skills, knowledge and experience with clients while travelling the world?

Your qualifications in the fitness industry give you the edge when competing for a position as a deckhand or steward/ess. Due to the appealing nature of the jobs on offer, there is often an exceptionally high application rate. Superyacht recruitment agencies will attest that specialist qualifications – such as fitness, yoga, watersports or massage therapy, to name a few – will set you apart from the rest, and enhance your chances of employment.

For many land-based fitness instructors, the idea of joining the crew of a luxury superyacht goes unconsidered, yet the benefits of working at sea are multiple and attractive. Here are just some of the advantages of transferring from land to water:

  • Generally speaking, deckhands or steward/esses with fitness qualifications are paid a great deal more on a luxury yacht, compared to land-based roles as fitness instructors. According to government data, the starting salary of a fitness instructor is, on average, £14,000 per year. As a deckhand or steward/ess, fitness instructor on a luxury yacht can expect to start on a salary of €2,500 per month, with annual increases. Whats more, you’ll have few outgoing expenses – accommodation and food are both covered.
  • Working on a vessel enables you to travel the world, experiencing new cultures and exotic destinations. While most duties will be related to serving the yacht as a deckhand or a steward/ess, you may also get to complement your regular duties with fitness duties too.
  • Those employed in superyacht jobs often make friends for life. Working as part of a team allows close relationships to develop. It is essential that crewmembers live harmoniously, so most approach their career with an open and trusting attitude.

It is essential that prospective crewmembers gain their necessary qualifications before seeking work on a yacht. Any employee on a yacht must have their ENG1 and STCW 95 certificates. While there is no particular fitness qualification that is tailored for work at sea, it is preferred by most employers that instructors will have all relevant land-based certifications.

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