How To Gain Your Dream Job as a Yacht Stewardess

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YPI CREW welcomes you to the Mediterranean and to what we hope will be a new and exciting career for you in the Luxury Yachting Industry.

This will undoubtedly be a time of intense activity, travelling up and down the coast, dock-walking and interviewing, dealing with conflicting advice, missing out on jobs, hearing about friends who have been successful straight off the bat…these are all a normal part of the ups and downs of breaking into the industry but our advice is not to give up and stay focussed on why you are here.

YPI CREW will try to assist you in these first steps and help you in obtaining this all important first job. BUT, you need to help us help you!

By definition, as a junior or “green” Stewardess, you will have little or no yachting experience but do not see this as a weak point; we all have to start somewhere.

As you cannot back up your application with yachting experience, you need to capitalise on other strengths and attributes and among these are: YOU and how you present yourself, how you communicate and relate to people, how you show flexibility and willingness to learn.

YPI CREW will send your CV for jobs we feel you will be suited to and we expect that in return you will represent YPI CREW well when going to interviews, that you will display etiquette and that you will present yourself in a professional way. We want to hear good feedback about you, this will reflect on YPI CREW and for us it is very important that our good reputation is not tarnished.

Here are our Top Tips to help you get that job

  • Limit the amount of agencies you use, know who your contact person is and keep them updated on what is happening with you. Keep your profiles up to date with these agencies, current CVs, phone numbers, your location, any references you get from day-working… Having more information makes you a much stronger candidate.
  • Present yourself professionally at all times, wear smart clothes, even if you’re just out and about, and keep beach attire for the beach. Make sure your hair is neat and tidy. Do not wear heavy make-up / nail polish and wear minimal jewellery. Avoid wearing shorts and polo shirts, wear something smart that you feel comfortable in and makes you stand out for all the right reasons. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so make sure it counts!
  • Keep all of your social media profiles on private (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter); make sure all cover photos and profile photos are suitable ie. no bikini shots, party photos etc. Most yachts search prospective candidates online and you need to show that you are discreet and professional in all areas of your life.
  • Remember that when a Captain/Chief Stewardess interviews you, they are taking time out of their busy schedule to do so. Thank them for their time, keep your phone switched off, do not get distracted and keep your attention firmly on them. Remain professional at all times, even if you feel it is a casual meeting, you need to let your personality shine through and remember, they are imagining what you will be like in front of guests, interacting with the crew and representing their boat.
  • Be prepared! Things move extremely quickly in the yachting industry and you must always be ready and available for interviews or day work when your phone rings. The candidates who get jobs the quickest are those who show willingness from the start.
  • While looking for employment, try to gain as much information as possible and try to upgrade your skills, buy a book on wines, do some courses, know your way around, enquire about suppliers, start a little note book with info and contacts.

So, if you think you have what it takes, stay open minded, show you are eager to learn, let your personality shine and you will be successful!

Good Luck!