An Interview with Ulrica Lindström, Captain & Officer Recruiter

Joining YPI CREW in 2009, Swedish-born Ulrica Lindström quickly became an integral member of the YPI CREW team, recruiting the industry's finest candidates to Captain and deck department roles. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the yachting industry enables her to make the perfect match between qualified candidates and yacht crew positions. She values a personable approach in the process of yacht crew recruitment, which has helped her to establish an extensive network of contacts within the industry.

yacht crew recruitment YPI CREWQ: What differentiates you as a recruiter from a recruiter in another agency?

I have been working for YPI CREW, recruiting Captains and Officers, for over 7 years and have gained great knowledge of the market in that time. I take tremendous pleasure in my job and am always aiming for the perfect fit for each candidate and yacht.

Working closely with my candidates, I have followed many of them in their careers, starting off as OOWs now working as Captains on large yachts; it is one of the most satisfying parts of my role as a recruiter for yacht crew jobs. One example is when I placed a promising 2nd Officer/2nd stewardess team on a 60m charter yacht 5 years ago and recently assisted them in securing their first yacht Captain job/Chief Stewardess role on a 50m busy charter boat.

Over the years many candidates have also turned into clients. These close relationships built over the years are invaluable to me and YPI CREW.

Q: How has the Officer and Captain market developed since you joined in 2009?

We are seeing a trend of yachts becoming larger and larger over the years. As an example, incoming positions on yachts over 70m increased by as much as 65% between 2013 and 2014, and by another 15% from 2014 to 2015. This has led to an escalating demand for OOW Unlimited, Chief Mate Unlimited and Master Mariner candidates.

Captains and Officers with these certificates now find it easier to secure a position on a yacht over 3000gt. More and more Officers with yachting certificates are considering studying further for their unlimited licences and the demand for well qualified deck crew has never been higher.

I should also mention that incoming positions on yachts under 30m decreased between 2014 and 2015, while roles on yachts between 50m and 70m remained stable.

Q: What is your view on how the market is developing with regards to rotational Deck Officers job?

Rotation is becoming more and more common, especially on yachts over 3000gt. This is a way of retaining good crew on board, as well as a safety factor. We are also seeing a trend of yachts over 3000gt that previously offered 4:2 rotation or similar, implementing full rotation for their Officers. Yachts under 3000gt, mainly from 60m upwards, are also starting to introduce rotation for their Chief Officers. Often, these Chief Officers hold their Master 3000gt and should be capable of stepping in as relief Captains.

Q: What is your view on the future of female Captains and Officers in the yachting industry?

I am very much a believer in a bright future for female Captains and Officers within the yachting industry and many Chief Officers and Captains like to promote diversity on deck. Due to cabin arrangements, this is unfortunately not always possible but with yachts expanding in size I think more female Officers and Captains will find it easier and easier to secure a position within the industry, especially if they have unlimited certificates.

Having met a number of outstanding candidates, I am always championing female Captains and Officers and managed to place some of them over the years. Most recently, a Chief Mate 3000gt – I placed her on a CA 80m charter yacht as temporary 2nd Officer. She did a great job and was consequently offered a full time position onboard. Temporary roles can open up new doors, offer great experiences and are an ideal way to break into the industry or indeed to give one the opportunity to prove oneself.

Away from work

When not in the office, working to place the industry’s best Captains and Officers in exciting roles, Ulrica enjoys spending time in the varied landscapes of Southern Europe and Scandinavia with loved ones.

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