Chief Steward / Stewardess Yacht Jobs

We take a closer look at the Chief Steward/Stewardess yacht job description and required skills. YPI Crew is a crew recruitment agency that places the utmost importance on the efficient and successful placement of crew on yachts.

Job Description Chief Steward/Stewardess:

  • Managing the interior team
  • Guest service, liaise with guests, serve meals, tend the bar
  • Liaise with the galley for meal service
  • Flower and table decorations
  • Set Steward/Stewardess schedules for cleaning and service
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the interior
  • Organise guest activities and parties
  • Boat stowage for sea
  • Accounting and managing budgets
  • Interior crew hiring, training and management
  • Upkeep of inventories, provisioning, uniform purchase
  • Dealing with shipyard contractors

Required Skills Chief Steward/Stewardess:

  • Excellent knowledge of all types of service and housekeeping
  • Wine knowledge
  • Flower and table decorating skills
  • Knowledge of activities and restaurants in popular yachting areas
  • Organisation, communication and mediation
  • Delegation
  • Attention to detail
  • Financial management

If you have not yet registered with YPI Crew on our database, it is an easy and straightforward procedure. Simply upload your CV, certificates, references, and a medical certificate such as an ENG1 and you will automatically be considered for all boat Chief Stew/Stewardess vacancy positions currently available.

Our administrator will review your CV and email you to acknowledge the application. Once you are registered, you can check in online through the website by clicking on ‘Log In’ and then ‘Check In’.

How much does a Chief Steward/Stewardess on a yacht earn?

68 Chief Stewards/Stewardesses have contributed their salaries to reveal an average monthly salary starting around €3000. As the vessel increases in size, so does the salary and a significant jump in average monthly earnings is seen between those employed on private yachts 81-100m in size (€7000) and those also in positions on private yachts greater than 101m in length (€9000). Chief Stewards/Stewardesses who hold rotational contracts on board larger yachts 66m and over report an average monthly salary on par with that of their permanent colleagues.
Chief Steward:Stewardess yacht salaries