Purser Yacht Jobs

A purser is responsible for managing the interior of the vessel and all financial matters onboard. Pursers are usually employed for larger yachts, because of the vast amount of duties on vessels of such size, whereas smaller yachts tend to have only chief a stewardess/steward, who takes care of the interior. If there are both a chief stewardess/steward and a purser working on a yacht, the former will report to the purser.

A good candidate for the purser yacht jobs will have excellent administrative skills. Whilst experience in such a role on a cruise liner helps, it is not a pre-requisite, whereas being accurate, organised and having excellent computer skills is.

Purser Yacht Job Responsibilities:

  • Working with management company accountants to maintain accounts, budgets and other financial reports.
  • Working with heads of departments to ensure timely processing of budgets, invoices, payments, credit card and expense reconciliations.
  • Assisting HODs with purchasing, provisioning and purchasing logistics.
  • Responsible for administration, accounting, collection and payment of all onboard monies.
  • Responsible for all crew administration including payroll.
  • Ensuring all crew certification is in up-to-date and correct.
  • Responsible for keeping up to-date crew/passenger berthing lists and reporting any changes.
  • Responsible for all crew travel and guest travel as required.
  • Assisting captain with all yacht logistics as required.
  • Performing Customs, Immigration and Port Clearance requirements.
  • Advanced planning and preparation for owner and guest trips, including on-site reconnaissance as required.
  • Pre-arrival destination/event/venue checks for guests, including transport options, security facilities and bookings for events, sightseeing trips and eating out.
  • Planning and directing events and activities for owners and guests ashore.
  • Assisting owner and owner’s representative out of season as required.

How much do Pursers earn per year?

27 pursers, 68 chief steward/esses and 26 second steward/esses contributed with their salaries.

Generally speaking salaries for pursers remain stable throughout the vessel range whilst chief steward/esses follow a similar pattern to second engineers salaries from 50 meters and above.

Almost 60% of pursers are on rotation whilst only 13% of chief steward/esses have this luxury. There is not enough data for second steward/ess to find any pattern.

Purser Yacht Salary Statistics

Purser Rotation vs Permanent Yacht Jobs