Yacht Spa Therapist and Spa Manager Yacht Jobs

Are you seeking a role that allows you to provide first-rate spa services while working in some of the most luxurious spas in the world? A yacht spa therapist job offers you all this and more.

As a yacht Spa Therapist, Spa Steward/Stewardess or yacht Spa Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most stunning superyachts. You’ll be working with the best spa products and the latest treatments and technologies, all while providing seven-star service.

A job as an on-board Spa Therapist allows you to not only develop your skills and build a rewarding and successful yacht career but also offers you the opportunity to travel the world, from cruising the Mediterranean in the summer to island-hopping around the Caribbean. If you work on an expedition yacht, you may even find yourself in some of the remotest places on earth, from Alaska to the Galapagos.

Here’s what you need to know about a yacht Spa Therapist job.


What is the Yacht Spa Therapist Job Description?

The day-to-day responsibilities for a yacht Spa Therapist include providing spa treatments to yacht owners and their guests on request. This could be anywhere from 12 treatments per day to three per treatments per week, depending on demand and the size of the yacht. Additionally, you may also be required to assist with stock control and the overall seamless running of the spa.

When the spa is not in use, you will assume a key place in the interior team, which means you are fully involved in other duties onboard that typically fall under the yacht Steward/Stewardess job role, including housekeeping, laundry, and service.


What Qualifications Do I Need for a Yacht Spa Therapist Job?

To become an entry-level yacht Spa Therapist or Spa Steward/Stewardess, you will need a recognised spa qualification and ideally some yachting experience, although land-based or cruise-spa experience will also be considered.

Additionally, to apply for a Spa Therapist yacht job you will need the standard yachting certificates, including an STCW, and a medical certificate – such as an ENG1. 


How Much Does a Yacht Spa Therapist Job Pay?

For entry-level positions on a private yacht, you can expect a base salary of around 3,500 euros each month depending on experience, with a leave package of either a 5:1 or 3:1 rotation (60 days, 90 days). 

Yacht Spa Therapists on a charter yacht can expect to command a base salary of 3,000+ euros per month, as well as an equal share of charter tips which can go into the 10,000+ range!

Both private and charter roles include return flights, full medical, accommodation onboard in a shared cabin, toiletries and all food cooked by the yacht’s private Chef.


What is the Spa Manager Yacht Job Description?

Spa Manager yacht jobs are usually found on large superyachts of 90-metres plus. The roles and responsibilities include managing the entire spa and its team – on new-build yachts, this can be up to six Spa Therapists or Spa Stewards/Stewardesses. 

The role will also include designing the spa’s treatment menu, picking the luxury products used, and staying on top of the latest trends. Again, additional duties may include helping out in other interior departments, such as housekeeping or service.

It goes without saying that no matter your level, you’ll have great communication and people skills, and have the ability to deliver exemplary service. You’ll have an outgoing and energetic personality, the ability to stay calm in stressful situations, along with a great team spirit mentality.


What Experience Do I Need for a Yacht Spa Manager Job?

To take the next step in your yachting career as a yacht Spa Manager, you will all of the above qualifications for the yacht Spa Therapist role as well as proven experience as a Spa Therapist on a luxury yacht. It is also preferred that you have completed a spa management course, and have previous experience in a land-based or cruise-spa position. 


How Much Does a Yacht Spa Manager Get Paid?

A yacht Spa Manager, you can expect to earn a salary of around 5,000 to 6,000 euros per month, with a permanent position offering fully paid leave packages from 60 days to 2:2 rotations.

Whether working on a private and charter yacht, the role will include return flights, full medical, accommodation onboard in a shared cabin, toiletries and all food cooked by the yacht’s private Chef.


How Do I Find A Yacht Spa Therapist or Yacht Spa Manager Job?

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