Steward / Stewardess Yacht Jobs

If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling to some of the world’s most stunning locations while getting paid at the same time, then a yacht Steward/Stewardess job could be the ideal job for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about Steward/Stewardess yacht jobs on some of the world’s most exclusive yachts.


What is Involved in a Yacht Steward / Stewardess Job?

A yacht Steward/Stewardess is an entry level position that offers a great way to a rewarding yacht career. Working as part of the yacht’s interior department, the main job responsibility is to maintain the interior of the yacht whilst providing the highest standards of guest service in line with the owners and guests expectations. Yacht Stew/Stewardess jobs are found on either a privately owned yacht, or on a charter yacht which is rented out to some of the world’s most influential people.


Responsibilities: What Does a Yacht Steward / Stewardess Do?

Most of the main day-to-day responsibilities of a yacht Steward/Stewardess include general housekeeping and serving duties. This includes, for example, polishing tableware, guest and crew laundry, preparation of cocktails and drinks, meal service duties, maintaining bar and drinks stock, flower care, table decorations, crew provisioning, and uniform stock and order. The day-to-day duties included in the yacht Steward/Stewardess job description will be determined by the size of the yacht, the type of yacht, the season, and the itinerary. For example, if you are on a very large yacht you will be focused purely on learning the basic duties. On smaller yachts your role may be more hands-on, including galley or deck operations, or even driving the tender.


Hours: What Hours do Yacht Stewards / Stewardesses Work?

When guests are not onboard, a common working schedule might see a yacht Stewards/Stewardess working hours from 8AM to 5PM, with two days off per week. However, hours will be much longer when there are guests onboard as yachts operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Training: What Qualifications Do I Need to Apply for a Yacht Steward / Stewardess Job?

If you are considering applying for a yacht Steward/Stewardess job, then you will need to be service orientated,  energetic and a team player. It can be demanding work and you will be constantly on your feet. Qualities for this position include discretion, attention to detail, the ability to anticipate guest’s needs and adapt to all types of situations. You will be in contact with all types of people if you successfully apply for a yacht Steward/Stewardess job, so you will need to have good communication and people skills and be able to deliver superb service with a smile. You will also have a great team spirit and be somebody who can keep calm in stressful situations. Ideally you will have some previous hospitality experience, and have completed STCW Basic Training and have a relevant Seafarers Medical Certificate, such as the ENG1.

An excellent training programme for those considering a yacht Steward/Stewardess job is the Guest Program, which offers a global interior crew training standard. Accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions, the programme is designed to inspire, support and further careers for current and future Stewards/Stewardesses. 

Find out a more about yacht stewardess training including qualifications and videos from Sophie the Stewardess.


What Other Types of Steward / Stewardess Yacht Jobs Are There?

Yacht Steward/Stewardess jobs are the default entry-level route into a career in yachting for many. From this position you can work your way up into more specialised interior and/or management positions, including Chief Steward/Stewardess, Head Housekeeper, Head of Interior, and Head of Service. 

A growing career area for Stewards/Stewardesses is yacht Spa Therapist jobs, including Spa Managers, Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians, and Hairdressers, which all offer rewarding career opportunities onboard. 


How Do I Find a Yacht Steward / Stewardess Job?

The best way to get a job as a yacht Steward/Stewardess is to register with a reputable crew recruitment agency that specialises in yacht recruitment, such as YPI CREW. 

To apply for a Steward/Stewardess yacht job, register on our website and upload your crew CV and one of our experienced yacht crew agents will get in touch to discuss available yacht Steward/Stewardess jobs that best match your skill set. Once registered, ensure to log in to your account regularly to keep your CV, location and profile up to date to be considered for our latest opportunities.


Salary: How Much Do Yacht Stewards / Stewardesses Make?

In a yacht crew salary survey conducted by YPI CREW, 34 Pursers, 61 Chief Stews, and 22 Second Stews contributed their salaries.

If you are on a charter yacht, you can also expect to receive substantial tips, but ideally, junior stews would be wise to learn the ropes on a private yacht under the watchful eye of a good Chief Steward/Stewardess. While the level of service is the same as on a charter yacht, the pace is often less intense, enabling junior Stews to hone their craft and gain valuable experience. Note that around 66% of yacht jobs are on private yachts.