Steward & Stewardess Yacht Jobs

Being a steward/ess you will be responsible for maintaining the interior of the yacht and providing the highest standards of guest service. Qualities for this position include discretion, attention to detail, the ability to anticipate guest's needs and adapt to all types of situations.

You will be in contact with all types of people so you will need to have good communication and people skills and be able to deliver superb service with a smile. You should be an energetic person with a great team spirit, somebody who can keep calm in stressful situations and who is able to follow instructions.

Here are some of the responsibilities of the super yacht stewardess job as well as the vacancies we chose to list.

Yacht Steward / Stewardess Job Responsibilities:

  • Housekeeping – maintain and detail the interior
  • Polishing – glassware, flatware, silverware
  • Guest service – meals and drinks
  • Preparation of cocktails and coffees
  • Maintaining bar and drinks stock
  • Flower care
  • Table decorations
  • Guest and crew laundry
  • Boat stowage for sea
  • Crew provisioning
  • Uniform stock and order

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How much does a Yacht Stewardess on a yacht earn?

2nd Stewardess/Stewardess

27 second stewards and stewardesses have contributed with their salaries. The average monthly salary starts just below €3000 on both charter and private vessels. The highest reported salary was over €5000 a month, on a private vessel greater than 101m in length.

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