Yacht Captain Jobs

A yacht Captain is responsible for the manning and safe operation of the boat and all crew members working aboard fall under their command.

The Captain is in charge of managing the yacht owner’s asset and most prized possession, and, whether a private yacht Captain or a commercial charter Captain, they must ensure that all guests on board have an enjoyable experience – both on, and off the yacht as they are often in charge of planning the guest’s cruising itinerary and experiences.


What Does A Yacht Captain Do?

Regardless of the size of the yacht, Captains operate boats under strict international rules and regulations. Their responsibilities are all-encompassing and their position can be, to some extent, compared to that of a CEO on land.

Responsibilities of the Yacht Captain Job

The responsibilities of a yacht Captain include:

  • The safe navigation and operation of the yacht
  • Setting of budgets and budget management
  • Hiring, leading, appraising and dismissal of crew
  • Overseeing the upkeep of the vessel
  • Managing yacht refits and surveys
  • Being an ambassador for the yacht, hosting and entertaining guests as required

Generally speaking, the smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the Captain must be. The larger the yacht, the more administrative duties the Captain will hold.

Skills and Experience Required for a Yacht Captain Job

The skills and experience required to get a yacht or boat Captain job include:

  • A “can-do” attitude
  • A charismatic and unflappable personality
  • Excellent navigational skills
  • Excellent leadership, etiquette and communication skills
  • Maintenance and engineering experience or understanding
  • Good grasp of accounting and IT


How to Become a Yacht Captain

To become a yacht Captain an individual must have years of maritime experience and extensive training, working their way up through the deck/officer route. Previous experience of hands-on sailing a yacht will certainly be required, with experience of handling a yacht in a similar size range a distinct advantage.

Business and management experience will also be beneficial in helping with the crewing, accounting, and administration of the yacht.

Getting a yacht Captain job is, in many ways, no different to other roles on board. Candidates for yacht Captain jobs will often have heard about opportunities through their own contacts in the industry, however, it is still recommended to register with an established yacht crew agency, such as YPI CREW who will have access to all the latest jobs for their clients.

If you are not already, register with YPI CREW by visiting our online yacht jobs portal. Here, you will be prompted to submit some basic details and upload your CV, certificates, and references. Once you are registered, you should ensure to login regularly to update us with your latest training and location. Our crew recruiters will use these details to match you to any of the boat Captain jobs currently available.


How Much Does a Yacht Captain Earn?

In a survey carried out by YPI CREW 347 captains have contributed their salaries. Of those, 287 (82%) are working on motor yachts and 60 (18%) on sailing yachts. This is coherent with the ratio of the global world yacht fleet. 83% of which are motor yachts and 17% are sailing yachts. Overall, only 33% of captains who contributed are on rotation. Rotation usually, if and when available, starts on yachts over 50m. When talking about sailing yachts, we didn’t receive any entries for sailing yachts above the 51-65m segment. Also, salaries were on average slightly lower on sailing yachts compared to same-sized motor yachts.

Yacht Captains present the most senior management of a yacht, which is obviously reflected in the salary they command. Expectedly, with the size of the yacht increasing, so do salaries.




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