Yacht Chef Jobs

Executive or Head Chef yacht job description: a yacht Chef is a key crew member as the happiness of guests on board yachts depends largely on the food and how creative and talented the Chef is.

Executive Or Head Chef Job Responsibilities:

  • Purchase of food
  • Menu elaboration for guest and crew
  • Preparation of food, breakfast, lunch and diner
  • Supervision of Second Chef/ Third Chef (depending on the size of the yacht)
  • Galley management and cleaning
  • Budgeting and accounting


Executive Or Head Chef Required Skills:

Most yacht Chefs will have started their career in a hotel or restaurant before joining the yachting industry and will have completed a training course approved or recognized by the competent authority, which covers practical cookery, food and personal hygiene, food storage, stock control, and environmental protection and catering health and safety. To succeed on yachts, chefs need to be extremely talented, have a wide repertoire from around the world as guests are accustomed to eat in the finest restaurants, be flexible and able to work under pressure with at times, depending on the location, limited availability of produces. In a nutshell, Chefs must do wonders! Yacht Chefs need to be aware of diets, fad diets, religious requirements and understand food allergies and how to cater for all the above.

Chefs must be organised and manage their budget and deal with the galley accounts.

On large yachts, the Chef will supervise a Sous Chef who will be cooking for the crew whilst the Executive Chef caters for the guests. It is often recommended to start a yachting career as a Crew Chef for a few seasons before applying for an executive chef position.


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How much does a Chef on a yacht earn?

In a yacht crew salary survey conducted by YPI CREW, 65 yacht Chefs contributed with their salaries, of which 50 were Head Chefs and 15 Sous Chefs.

It is our experience that at the point of recruitment on yachts +50m, most yacht Chef jobs offer some sort of rotation, so it surprising that only 26 % of Chefs who contributed are on rotation.