Yacht Deckhand Jobs

Yacht Deckhand is one of the entry-level positions for those looking for work on a luxury yacht or superyacht. The first step on the yachting career ladder for many, it is a varied role with many facets, but the key responsibilities of the yacht Deckhand job description are namely cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the yacht to ensure it is in immaculate condition.

Depending on the size of the yacht, there may be between one and ten Deckhands working onboard a yacht to tirelessly clean and polish the exterior to keep it looking its very best at all times.

Yacht Deckhand Job Description

The responsibilities of the yacht Deckhand are varied, and include:

  • The daily cleaning of the yacht’s exterior, washing, polishing, and waxing the yacht until it shines
  • Assisting the Bosun and Officer(s) with maintenance projects, such as sanding, caulking, and filling, and often preparing exterior surfaces for varnishing or painting
  • Assisting with onboard operations and systems-line handling
  • Driving the tender and supervising guests as required during watersports and diving, or while using the yacht’s water toys
  • General safety and navigation duties

Required Skills and Experience for a Yacht Deckhand Job

As an entry-level position, a yacht Deckhand job does not require any previous yachting experience, but it does require patience and a positive mental attitude. A Deckhand must be comfortable with the idea of working long days filled with manual tasks and hands-on work that will likely see them abseiling down the side of the yacht or leaning out of a RIB to clean its exterior.

In terms of skills, a yacht deckhand would benefit from recreational boating skills and aptitude, as well as prior knowledge of carpentry and mechanics.

On a personal level, a yacht Deckhand will be good at working as part of a team. They will likely be a sporty type that likes to be outdoors, which is why a job such as Deckhand will appeal.

Applying for a Yacht Deckhand Job

Before searching or applying for any yacht Deckhand job, all candidates must have a valid certificate of medical fitness for seafarers, such as the ENG1 or equivalent, and must have passed the STCW Basic Safety Training. A Power Boat Level 2 or more is also extremely beneficial to have.

A yacht crew agent of experienced superyacht recruiters like YPI CREW is the first step to finding a yacht deckhand job, due to our direct connection with recruiting captains. To apply for a yacht Deckhand job, register here on our website and upload your crew CV and certificates. Be sure to “check-in” regularly to update your online profile with your latest work experience and location. Our recruiters will be in touch as soon as a suitable Deckhand vacancy arises.

How Much Does a Yacht Deckhand Earn?

On our last check, 87 Deckhands anonymously contributed details of their yacht deckhand job and respective crew salaries to YPI CREW’s Yachting Salaries tool.

With contributors working on both motor and sailing yachts, we discovered average monthly salaries with fairly consistent irrespective of the size or status of the yacht, or nature of the contract. Data showed deckhands working on a motor yacht can expect to earn between €2,000 to €3,000 a month – or moderately more if permanent on a vessel over 101m in length. Deckhands on a sailing yacht earned slightly less, with an average monthly salary between €1,800 and €2,900 a month.

Deckhand on a Motor Yacht

Deckhand Motor Yacht Salary, Yacht Deckhand Jobs

Deckhand on a Sailing Yacht

Deckhand Sailing Yacht Salary, Yacht Deckhand Jobs

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