Join CV Workshop with Karine Rayson and Louise Overend

We have teamed up with The Crew Coach, Karine Rayson, to organise a virtual CV Workshop for all the yacht crew that want their CV to shine! The entry fee is only 10€ and all the proceedings will be donated to yacht Stew Gemma's Fundraiser which is to raise £100,000 for medical treatment to Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.

Does your CV need updating or perhaps a slight make-over? The amazing multi-talented crew leadership and mental health coach, Karine Rayson, and our expert Interior Recruiter Louise Overend have teamed up to help you build up your personal brand and polish up your CV so it stands out among all the other ones.

The entrance fee for the CV Workshop is only 10€ and all the funds received from the event will be donated to yacht Stew Gemma’s Fundraiser for medical treatment to Stage 4 Cervical Cancer so she gets the treatment she needs. We are inviting all of you to join so we can show Gemma that she has the support of the whole yachting community during this difficult time.

You can find out more about Gemma’s story on her GoFundMe page, where you are also able to make a direct donation towards Gemma’s recovery by clicking HERE.


What we’ll be covering:

  • How to Win with Crew Agents
  • Uplevel your Personal Brand
  • Stand out CV tips
  • The Ultimate CV Layout


When is the workshop going to be held:

The CV Workshop will be held on TUESDAY 19th OCTOBER at 09:00 CET (FRANCE TIME) The session will be recorded so if you cannot attend the session live, don’t worry! The recording will be available and emailed to you after the workshop.


How to secure your spot:

To secure your spot at the CV Workshop, visit The Crew Coach website or click on the button below:

We can’t wait to see you there!