Meet Stephanie Gravier – the first female chef to win the Monaco Superyacht Chef Competition

Meet Steph! Talented, artistic, energetic, a jewel, just a few words that have been used by our clients to describe her.

After starting her culinary career, honing her skills in Michelin star restaurants in Paris and Ireland, Steph set her sights on the yachting world and has not looked back. She has worked on, amongst others, Triple Seven, and Palladium and is currently a Head Chef on the explorer vessel Planet Nine.

Stephanie is an extremely talented chef, with a great understanding of guest’s needs so it’s no surprise then that, trough her work, she’s gained respect of her peers and the industry. One of her great achievements includes winning the 10th edition of the Monaco Superyacht Chef Competition, making her the first female chef to do so.


What is your first fondest cooking memory?

I’m from a family of farmers and we used to cook everything from scratch; jam, sausages, ham, pate, etc, and my first cooking memory it’s definitely helping my mom and my grandmother to prepare this food to sell in the market.


How did you discover yachting industry?

I got head hunted by a Cruise Line company in Monaco and after a season with them, my colleagues told me about Yachting. So I moved to Antibes, I passed my exams and I got a job in a few days.


What 5 words would you use to describe your cooking style?

Fusion, modern, fresh, elegant and generous.


What has been your proudest moment while working in the industry?

Being the first female to win the 10th edition of the Monaco Superyacht Chef Competition.


Who would your dream 5 charter guests be to cook for?

Banksy, Elton John, Oprah, Dalai Lama and my grandmother, all of them in the same table.


What music do you usually listen to in the galley?

Pop-rock and sometimes electronic, to speed things up a little. 🙂


What is your all-time favourite meal to cook?

Pastry! I love to spend hours making cakes that you could find in a Boutique Pastry Shop.


What are your top 3 current ingredients to cook with?

Only three? 😉 Coriander, kafir lime and Ponzu sauce.


What are your favourite restaurants to go to?

Dim Sum Cantonés; a small and very traditional dumplings’ bar in Barcelona, StreetXo in Madrid and, I just moved to Mexico and in every corner there is a taco truck where the food is just incredible.


What have been your experiences in regards to being a female chef in the industry?

Definitely it has been challenging and sometimes I got caught in unfair situations, but things are getting better these days. As long as you give your best, things will work out.


What advice would you give to a female chef starting out in yachting?

Go for it, work hard and stay out of the drama. 🙂



Are you looking for a yacht chef job onboard a yacht?

Be sure to contact our Head of Interior Department and Chef Recruiter, Helen Papamichael, by sending her an email to [email protected].