YPI CREW at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018

As everyone knows, the Monaco Yacht Show is a phenomenal event, with some of the world’s most spectacular superyachts on display, as well as hundreds of exhibitors, from shipyards to brokers to crew agencies.

With yachts on their global debut, press launches for exciting new projects and products, as well as thousands of marine products on display (as well as supercars and luxury goods), as with every year, the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 was a true spectacle of the superyacht world.

Yet the Monaco Yacht Show isn’t just for billionaires in the market for a new yacht, or for shipyards to show off their latest creation. The MYS, as it is also known, is a crucial event for yachting professionals as well, with yacht crew benefitting hugely from the networking opportunities and the crew-focussed seminars and events, as well as viewing the latest marine products and watertoys for use on the yacht.

For yacht crew agency YPI CREW, the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 was crucial, bringing together the key players and allowing their agents to build relationships with captains, clients, and crew, as explained in this video interview with our Director Laurence Lewis.

Is the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 the time for new crew to dockwalk?

While new yacht crew might see this assembly of superyachts and captains as a magnificent opportunity to dockwalk to look for work, the Monaco Yacht Show simply isn’t the place to do that. Crew and captains on board are extremely busy showing their yacht off to brokers and potential buyers, and crew hopefuls turning up at the passerelle will not be met with approval. However, there are fantastic opportunities at the show for crew, and as Laurence from YPI explains, savvy yacht crew at all levels can definitely work the event to their career advantage.

YPI CREW at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018

To find out how crew can best benefit from visiting the Monaco Yacht Show, we took time out of the manic atmosphere of the event to chat with YPI CREW’s Director, Lawrence Lewis. As you see, she explains that there’s still plenty of high-level interviewing happening during the show, as well as magnificent networking opportunities with key players.

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