Jobs on Yachts – Yacht Job Descriptions

It takes a team of talented and professional yacht crew to run a superyacht and provide the high levels of owner and guest service expected. Discover the available jobs on yachts that are typically available and read yacht job descriptions for each below.

Yacht Captain

The yacht’s Captain is responsible for the safe manning and operation of the yacht and all crew members fall under his command. S/he manages the owner’s asset and ensures all guests have an enjoyable cruising experience. The Captain operates the yacht under strict international rules and regulations. His/her responsibilities are all-encompassing and the position can be, to some extent, compared to that of a CEO on land.

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First Officer / First Mate

The yacht’s First Officer, Chief Officer, or First Mate is second in command on the yacht and reports to the Captain. Responsible for overseeing all deck operations and maintenance, s/he is the head of department for the deck crew and may be designated security, safety and/or medical officer onboard.

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Chief Engineer

The yacht’s Chief Engineer is responsible for the safe and efficient running of the yacht from a mechanical standpoint and reports to the captain. Chief Engineers may work as an individual or as the leader of a team of yacht engineers that work together to operate, maintain and repair anything on board the vessel, from outboard engines to electrical generators and propulsion engines to hydraulic and electronic systems.

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Yacht Engineer

A yacht Engineer works under the command of the Chief Engineer and Captain to maintain and repair the machinery and systems on board of the yacht and its tenders and toys.

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Yacht Chef

The yacht Chef is a key crew member on board any yacht, as the happiness of guests depends largely on the food and how creative and talented the Chef is. The yacht Chef will also be responsible for feeding the crew for a happy and healthy yacht.

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Yacht Purser

A yacht Purser is responsible for managing the interior of the vessel and all financial matters onboard. Pursers are usually employed for larger yachts, because of the vast amount of duties on vessels of such size, whereas smaller yachts tend to have only a Chief Steward/Stewardess, who takes care of the interior. If there are both a Chief Steward/Stewardess and a Purser working on a yacht, the former will report to the purser.

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Yacht Bosun

The yacht’s Bosun is in charge of the Deckhands and is responsible for organising and supervising deck operations, tender and toy deployment and storage. S/he is in charge of deck supplies and has a good knowledge of all the products used to clean and maintain the outside of the yacht. S/he is also likely to be the main tender driver.

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Chief Steward/Stewardess

A Chief Steward/Stewardess is responsible for managing the yacht’s interior team, and will head up guest service, cleaning, laundry and maintenance, as well as managing the yacht’s inventory and crew uniforms and arranging guest activities and parties.

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Steward or Stewardess

A yacht Steward or Stewardess is an entry-level position that offers a great way to a rewarding yacht career. Working as part of the yacht’s interior department and reporting to the Chief Steward/Stewardess, the Stew/Stewardess’s main job responsibility is to maintain the interior of the yacht whilst providing the highest standards of guest service in line with the owners and guests expectations.

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Yacht Spa Therapist and Spa Manager

A yacht Spa Therapist, Spa Steward/Stewardess, or yacht Spa Manager is enlisted onboard some yachts to provide spa treatments to yacht owners and their guests, as well as assisting with stock control and the overall seamless running of the yacht’s spa.

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A yacht Deckhand is an entry-level position in the exterior department of a yacht, and for many, the first step on the yacht career ladder. There are many facets to the job, but the role involved maintaining the exterior of the yacht in immaculate condition, so polishing is high on the agenda.

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