Ten Reasons to Work in the Yachting Industry

At YPI CREW our yacht crew agents are always on the lookout for exceptional personnel to work on luxury superyachts cruising the world.

But, how do you know whether a yacht job is the right choice for you? If you are tempted by a career on the sea, take a look at this list of the ten reasons to work in the yachting industry drawn up by an experienced crew.

  1. Working in the superyacht industry allows you to travel and see the world: discover the pristine beaches, picturesque port towns, and stunning places from the islands of the Caribbean to the French Riviera hotspots.
  2. It is as far removed from working in an office as you can find.
  3. Superyachts are typically owned by ultra-high net worth individuals, who are not averse to tipping generously the employees.
  4. The pay is excellent. Besides, your meal and board costs are covered.
  5. The holiday allowance is usually very generous too.
  6. When working on a yacht, you tend to work alongside like-minded, well-traveled people.
  7. Since you work in confined spaces for long periods of time, you tend to build up very strong relationships with the people you work with.
  8. There is also a strong possibility that you might end up working for some pretty fascinating people – or even someone famous.
  9. There are good career prospects; it is quite usual for crew to climb the ladder and take on more roles and responsibilities with each year they work.
  10. There will be possibilities to take courses and add to your qualifications whilst you are working.

So, what are you waiting for! If a yacht job seems like a good fit for you, learn about the crew qualifications to get you started in the industry.