How Crew Can Prepare for A Winning Yacht Job Interview

Typically requested and held by the yacht’s captain or skipper, a yacht job interview gives you as a candidate the opportunity to make that important first face-to-face impression and really sell yourself as the right person for the job in hand.

With your yachting CV having created a memorable introduction, a yacht crew interview gives the chance to expand on the key skills and experience you have, whether land or ocean-side. But, how exactly do you prepare for and execute a winning yacht job interview? Our yacht crew recruiters share their top tips below. 

Preparing for a yacht job interview

What to wear for your yacht job interview

When you go for your interview, you will want to demonstrate how you will fit right in with the other crew by wearing appropriate yacht clothing. While it may be tempting to dress in formal clothes – such as a shirt and tie – this doesn’t reflect the image of yacht crew. A clean white polo shirt with beige or navy trousers or a skirt will ensure you look the part. Good grooming is also essential. Make sure your hair is neat and tied-up, that you have clean, well-groomed nails, and natural-looking makeup. Men should be clean-shaven. If this is your first yacht job interview, then take time to study how yacht crews present themselves.

Researching the yacht

Before you go on your yacht job interview, do some research about the yacht you will be working on should you get the job. This will demonstrate to the captain that you are interested in the job and help you stand out from other candidates. 

Preparing for common yacht interview questions

While all yacht crew interviews will vary slightly, many captains are likely to ask some similar interview questions, designed so that he or she can better understand your skills and experience and why you will be a good fit for the vacant crew position. Some common questions typically asked include:

  • Why do you want to work on a yacht?
  • What do you like about your current job?
  • Tell me a bit about yourself?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Do you have any questions?

Before your yacht crew interview, you should think about how you will appropriately answer these questions. Remember, your answers should always convey the fact that you are the solution to the captain’s recruitment problem and that you have the ideal set of skills and experience he or she is looking for. Never say that you want a yacht job simply because you like to travel, or because the job suits your lifestyle. You must connect with the interviewer’s needs, not yours.  

If you are asked in your yacht job interview if you have any questions, it’s always a good idea to ask about the crew, the yacht, or perhaps to clarify what your duties will be. You can also ask about possible training and development, which will demonstrate your willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the yachting industry.

 Before your yacht crew interview, ask your recruiter what specific attributes the captain is looking for or ask them for advice on how to answer common interview questions.

During your yacht crew interview   

Preparing for your interview is one thing, but executing it is another. During your yacht crew interview remember to:

Listen to the captain

It’s surprising how many people don’t listen during their interviews, perhaps due to nerves or just being too focused on how they will answer any questions. You will want to be attentive and show interest in what the captain is saying. During a yacht job interview you will glean information about your potential new employer, the yacht, its owner and its crew. Use this information to your advantage and tailor your answers accordingly. Yes, you will need to think on your feet, but this is a quality required in yachting after all!

Convey positive energy and determination

Demonstrating energy, passion, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work as part of a team will always put you in good stead during a yacht job interview. Always keep good eye contact with your captain during the yacht crew interview and make sure you maintain positive body language – stand or sit up straight, never slouch or look disinterested. Remember, not only is a captain looking for someone with the necessary skills and experience but also someone who they think will fit in with the rest of the crew. Yacht crew work and live together for extended periods, so the captain will want to find someone with a positive, can-do attitude who will get on with the rest of the crew.

And, what not to do during your crew interview

During the first yacht crew interview with any employer, we advise that you avoid asking about the salary, crew leave, flights, or additional perks. This is all information that can be communicated via your recruiter and negotiated before stepping aboard in your new role. You should also never speak negatively about previous employers, instead being diplomatic about any problems or issues you may have had that are making you want to find a new job.

Finally, make sure your phone is off, or on silent for the duration of your yacht job interview. There is nothing more off-putting than an interruption like this, both for you and the captain.


Good luck in executing a winning yacht job interview!