YPI CREW Launches its New and Improved Website

YPI CREW has been in the yacht crew placement industry for over ten years and prides itself on matching the perfect applicant to the best-suited crew.

As the leading authority in yacht crew recruitment, we feel it is important to have a website that clearly reflects our goals and makes it simple for yacht owners, crew and applicants to readily access information. It is for this reason that we recently relaunched our WordPress website after a complete overhaul.

The website was constructed over a matter of months, after careful planning and development. The aim was to produce a more aesthetically pleasing website with improved functionality; job listings and information needed to be easy to find. One significant difference between the older version and our new website is the moving banner that displays the latest yacht crew vacancies. In addition to having a user-friendly interface and an attractive layout, our new website also offers clearly highlighted sections for news and crew advice. We also aim to make the experience more personal with photos and department details of individual members of staff, and make it easier to contact the relevant person. Laurence Lewis, Director of YPI CREW loves the new design, commenting: “the new website looks great and I am very pleased with it”. We really hope you agree. As long as it provides crews and yacht owners with the information they need and they find using it a valuable experience, the staff at YPI CREW are happy.

The recruitment sector in yachting is a very fast-moving industry so it’s vital to be on the pulse and share information in a timely way. We have clear links to Facebook, Twitter and other high-traffic social media so that candidates have access to all the information they need, wherever they first come across it. We make sure relevant news and updates get posted regularly on the site and our visitors are able to interact with us. Our state-of-the-art database, which candidates can register themselves on and immediately access jobs online, is still the heart of our website.

Our new website coincides with the launch of yachtingsalaries.com – an innovative platform and indispensable tool for yacht crew. Launched in March 2016, yachtingsalaries.com is a portal for crew (from captains to deckhands, and every role in between) around the world to share and benchmark earnings. It’s the only website of its kind and we believe it provides valuable information for yacht owners and potential applicants alike. The great thing about the platform is that it is anonymous and free to both submit and view the information, making it easy for yacht crew professionals to determine how their salary compares to others in the same career.