YPI CREW Launches yachtingsalaries.com

As a leader in crew recruitment, YPI CREW has been successfully placing candidates in their ideal yacht crew jobs for over 10 years.

yachtingsalaries.com YPI CREWOur recruits include deckhands, stewards and stewardesses, chefs, engineers and captains, among a host of other roles, and we are happy to help quality applicants fulfil their potential and find their dream yacht crew job. As our reputation has grown, we have emerged as a trusted authority on yacht crew recruitment and built lasting, professional relationships in the process. It is with excitement that we launch our new website, yachtingsalaries.com – a portal for crew around the world to share and benchmark yachting salaries. It’s the only website of its kind and we believe it provides valuable information for employers and applicants alike.

The new website is making history as the first unbiased information centre for yacht salary information. It operates on an honesty-based system, whereby candidates share their salary to inform others. In return, candidates receive specific salary data from people with a similar profile to them.The Information is entered anonymously, and new profiles can be accessed every day in real-time as captains and crew, just like you, supply the information. The website was launched in March and already has 615 searchable salaries entered onto the system, with many more to come; we recommend candidates check in regularly, as the salary information grows.

The great thing about yachtingsalaries.com is that it is free to both submit and view the information, making it easy for yacht crew professionals to determine how their salary compares to their colleagues’. When yachting staff contribute their salary information, they will be asked a range of questions regarding their role and speciality, the amount they are paid and the currency they are paid in. They will also need to provide information about their yacht, including its size, type and how long they have been working on it. Finally, they will be asked about their experience, the number of crew members who report directly to them and how much more money per month it would take to convince them to move to a new job with similar conditions. Honesty and accuracy are vital when filling out the form, since accuracy ensures the salary data on the site remains useful to the entire community.

Other important features of the new website include a page to search salaries for the job of an applicant’s choice. For example, if you want to find out how much a captain on a 35m yacht will be paid in euros, enter that information in the ‘search salaries’ form. The results reveal that captains who work in these circumstances earn between €8,000 and €8,500 a month, with 50% receiving bonuses and a car allowance. According to those that have supplied information, it would take an average of €2,000 more per month to convince them to move to a new job with similar conditions.

YPI CREW proudly operates yachtingsalaries.com, and we are continuously seeking to refine the service: we make it easy to offer feedback on the content and on the running of the site. We also offer a page that links to our main website and enables applicants to register and search for yacht crew jobs online. We provide convenient links to all our social network sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to keep visitors up-to-date with news in our community. YPI CREW staff are proud to have launched such a trailblazing website, which offers comprehensive insider salary information for the international yachting industry.

Visit yachtingsalaries.com to browse salary information, contact a member of the team for recruitment advice and keep up to date with the latest yachting jobs by liking our Facebook page.