YPI CREW Yacht Jobs – August 2019

As Generation Z (people born in the mid-nineties) enters the yachting industry, a broad range of skills are expected. Language skills are always appreciated and we have recently sought candidates for French and Russian-speaking yacht jobs.  If you are Russian-speaking, yacht jobs this month include a position as a Chief Stew with a minimum of two years’ experience on a 60-metre+ yacht.

Yacht Stewardess jobs enter the market frequently and if you are highly guest service-orientated and pay great attention to detail, you may be interested in the Lead Service and Head Service Stewardess jobs we are currently seeking to fill.  

Generally, it pays to be tech-savvy in today’s yacht job market. New roles have emerged, such as that of Drone Pilot. YPI CREW has witnessed a 30% increase in the demand for Drone Pilots over the past couple of years. This position – which enables guests to take home footage of their yachting holiday – involves multi-tasking and is combined with deckhand, bosun or 2nd/3rd officer roles.

Although we are not seeking any Drone Pilots this month, it is interesting to note how expectations evolve. For many guests, spa services are an integral part of their onboard enjoyment. We have seen the number of placements in this segment double between the 2018 and 2019 Mediterranean season and this month, we are again looking for experienced Spa Therapists and Masseuses.

Good luck with your job hunt and remember: it is well worth using your free time to upskill. 


Fisherman Deckhand

Motor Yacht 50 metres+ looking for an expert Fisherman Deckhand, must have the Padi Dive Master.

Russian-speaking Chief Stew

Seeking Russian-speaking Chief Stew with minimum 2 years’ experience on a 60-metre+ yacht.

Lead Service and Head Service Stewardesses

Looking for Lead Service and Head Service Stewardesses for large Yacht. 

Tender Engineers

Looking for candidates with previous experience as a Tender Engineer on Superyachts, with minimum AEC.

Spa Therapists, Masseuses, Nurses, Service Stews and Housekeepers

Calling all Spa Therapists, Masseuses, Nurses, Service Stews and Housekeepers for Yachts 50m+, minimum 1 year of experience. 

Candidates must have their CV and documents up to date on our website www.ypicrew.com, please make sure you do your check in online.